Brett Vanderzee – June Artist of the Month

We got the chance to meet and listen to Brett Vanderzee at LifeLight South Dakota in 2012.  He told us he was releasing an album of songs from the perspective of biblical characters.  I listened to him perform one song and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Song samples are available on his website.   From his…..

OBB – May Artist of the Month

Playing to arenas packed with screaming fans, seeing your first EP make an impressive chart debut and getting to perform on national television seems like the stuff dreams are made of. For the Oswald brothers, who play under the moniker OBB, these professional feats have already become reality—and all before their 22nd birthdays. The trio’s infectious…..

Herbert Cooper – Is This God’s Will?

Herbert Cooper @ Evangel University - Wednesday September 5th 2012 [wpaudio url="" text="Herbert Cooper - Is This God's Will?" dl="0"]   In this sermon Herbert Cooper (founding pastor of Peoples Church in Oklahoma City) talks about six questions you should ask before making big decisions in your life. These questions will help you determine if the decisions you make are…..

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